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Recipe Development and Testing

In addition to my six published recipe books, I have also provided recipe testing services for many other books, including the popular Masterchef series. These recipes were often quite a challenge to test as they were supplied with limited information, often no quantities and no cooking method!

masterchef cookbook   scan0004

Food Styling

My food styling experience includes work for TV and video, where I have assisted celebrity chefs with support by shopping, prepping and cooking up and stylising final dishes. As well as work completed for BBC Good Food Magazine. The series of photos below was done in conjunction with (BBC CBeebies) I can cook who I also consulted for and helped them with testing.

Food Projects

A broad skill set means I can take on multi-faceted projects. Whilst I was with Good Housekeeping Institute I was involved in food evaluation for commercial clients.


Food Maxitone (now Maxinutrition) approached me to develop a range of smoothies using their protein powders to bring to a bigger audience at a Vitality Live exhibition. I created a range of smoothies that complimented their sculptress shakes, working to a specification to ensure they were the correct portion, calorie size and cost for retailing at exhibition.
I took responsibility for ordering and delivering food, blending and all other equipment, making up and helping to promote and selling at exhibition.
Image of smoothie

Demonstrations and Exhibitions

Lo Salt

In November 2015, I worked for Lo Salt. I assisted Chef James Fisher with food preparation, we carried out three set demonstrations each day at Food Matters Live.